eCommerce Website: Tips To Get More Customers Online

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce websites are thriving.? With limited or almost zero opportunity to visit a brick and mortar store, more and more people are shifting to online shopping. This development presents a great opportunity for small businesses or start-ups to leverage. Nevertheless, this silver lining still presents a perennial challenge for digital marketers – how to get customers online. The increasing competition and changing consumer behavior will not make this challenge any easier.

A?statistic even says that only one (1) out of the thirty-four (34) people who visit your eCommerce site will continue to make actual purchases. This means that if you are expecting handsome returns of investment (ROI) for your digital business, you need to think of more ways to get more eCommerce sales by making customers stay. The following are some measures you can implement to get more customers for your online business even during the current health crisis:

Get active on social media.

Marketing always emphasizes the importance of being right where your clients are. Nowadays, they are most probably on social media. One report reveals that 51% of adults in the US are spending more time on social media during the pandemic. Thus, to keep on getting more customers online, social media marketing is not an area to ignore. Increase your online visibility by being more active on social media platforms that work for your brand. You can maximize your time on these sites by taking a look at your analytics. This way you can see the best times of the day to post on social media. Aside from regular postings, it may also be a good time to invest in pay-per-click (PPC) ads on sites such as Facebook or Instagram to further increase eCommerce sales.

Try product bundling.

Aside from the rise of online shopping, the current pandemic is also causing people to buy in bulk. This is especially true in high-demand products and essential items. Improve the user experience of your buyers by giving them incentives for buying more items by trying the bundling strategy. Take a look at your analytics to discover your bestselling products and create a bundle package that your customers can purchase at a lower price. Your bundle suggestions are likely to ease and hasten the online buying process of customers. Aside from having happy customers, you are also giving them good reasons to return to your website and purchase again.

Prioritize customer service.

Businesses that are serious about acquiring and retaining customers can never neglect the importance of giving optimal customer care. For your eCommerce site, it is necessary to provide prompt and quality customer service. One study reveals that about 45% of customers whose concerns are not given proper assistance will choose to abandon a cart on an eCommerce site. The same study also states that the top reason why people choose to shop online is that eCommerce stores are open at all times of the day. Thus, your customer service should also be available to offer help 24/7 in order for your eCommerce sales to be a true reflection of your traffic.? This can be done through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in conversational commerce.

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Written by Carmela Obar
Mela has a degree in Secondary Education and is a licensed teacher but her passion for words and literature led her to pursue a career in writing. With extensive copywriting experience up her sleeve, she can easily tweak and adapt her writing style to match any genre or industry. Her stints include writing and editing a 100-page published guidebook.
Published on July 29, 2020
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